What does your audience LOVE to watch?

The brands that don’t become creators, will compete at a disadvantage with the creators who are becoming brands.

But what is the secret to becoming a content creator that people are interested in? By understanding what your audience LOVE to watch

We all know this is one of the biggest challenges through the creative process. 

To help you have a clear understanding of the cultural opportunities out there, our artificial intelligence organizes and categorizes the data from online vídeos, from macro subjects to its specific niche interests. 

How can topics show you cultural insights?

The Topics tab gives you a ranking of the most relevant subjects for different audiences. By deep diving through this feature, it becomes easier to understand an initial layer of where your target is dedicating most part of its screen time.

With one more click you start understanding an specific universe with even more clarity. For example…

Did you know long videos perform better in the “shooting games” universe? And that genz female audience is almost equal with the male genz audience? 

But in a universe as big as gaming…

Are there still opportunities that no brand has embraced?

Absolutely! Looking through our subtopics you can find new opportunities to embrace any online culture subject

One of the engagement leaders inside shooter games are the web dating videos 

Amazing right? People are getting to know each other and falling in love through video games like Free Fire <3

Deep dive into Winnin Insight’s hundreds of topics and thousands of subtopics and discover different opportunities as relevant as web dating to become an engaged creator! 😉

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