3 topics the beauty public is watching on the internet

Beauty is one of the great universes of online culture. In the middle of so many videos, brands and content creators, the challenge is to create content that is truly relevant to the audience and stand out more and more.

To increase engagement on the main digital platforms, you need to go beyond tutorials and receive data driven tips can be of great help when it comes to innovating content creation.

The 3 elements for successful content are: 

  1. Bet on your audience’s favorite subjects; 
  2. Find out which engaged video formats are the most relevants; 
  3. Create partnerships with content creators who are part of this conversation. 

This way, by crossing your videos with other subjects that are relevant to your audience, you can understand more clearly what topics they are also interested in and, therefore, produce relevant videos with much more agility .

In this article we will present the 3 subjects that the beauty public is also watching on the internet, so that your brand can better understand how to embrace this giant of online culture. 

All insights are taken from our video analytics tool, Winnin Insighs.

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What is “People Also Watch”?

Before going into the 3 subjects, it is important that you understand how the “People Also Watch” feature of Winnin Insights works and how the analysis is made from it.

Makeup topic overview. Source: Winnin Insights

This is a feature that helps you understand what other content the beauty audience is also spending their time on.

And how do you access this information? Simple! 

Winnin Insights delivers all the data from a list of the topics most engaged by your audience. Also: the ranking of relevant subjects can be sorted by different metrics: 

  • Average Engagement; 
  • Video Views; 
  • Relationship Index . 

The last one is a proprietary indicator of the platform. In other words, it’s a metric that only Winnin Insights has!

It shows how much a topic is being watched by the same audience in relation to another, ranging from 1 to 10. This guarantees an even more assertive view of the subject you are analyzing.

Now, on to the analysis!

Which is the most engaged topic within the beauty universe?

Currently, the most engaged topic within the universe is: Facial masks!

In other words, among other video themes in the “Beauty” category, Facial masks videos are the ones that most arouse the interest — and engagement — of the audience.

Based on this data, we found out which are the 3 most relevant issues that are being addressed in this videos.

So, to find out what they are, read on!

1. Facial masks

An old beauty tradition is on the rise again: face masks.
Now, a YouTube content creator is making the most bizarre masks on the planet and gaining all the audience’s attention.

2. Tutorial

Tutorials are such an engaging type of video because people are on the internet looking to learn something. In this video, a new category rises: tutorial on how to make up a paper doll, mixing video editing skills.

3. Family

People are coming together to watch the daily lives of content creator families. Fun routines, challenges and games are the main videos that are engaging the beauty audience.

Discover more topics on Winnin Insights

Now we have no doubt that the universe of videos in the beauty category is gigantic and very engaged on the internet. 

With the new cultural context of social isolation, the beauty universe has reinvented itself, not only in people’s routines, but also in social media feeds.

Videos on the subject take the focus away from the famous tutorial videos and move towards an ecosystem of content more focused on other entertainment formats.

As we tell you here, the data shows how the Beauty category has changed and is driving new content creators to express their creativity and encouraging brands to better connect with their audience. 

Changes in consumer behavior and the new lens on beauty videos continue to dominate the feed.

Being a creator of relevant content among so many videos, creators and brands is a challenge for everyone who is looking to increase engagement on social media.

So, to create really relevant videos, you need to embrace and cross the universe in question with other engaging subjects.

Facial masks, tutorial and family are the 3 subjects that are most attracting the interest of the beauty public, and betting on videos that address these themes can be a great opportunity to attract, conquer and engage even more people. 

Take advantage of the tips we’ve given you throughout this post to take your brand to the next level in content production.

After all, against data there are no arguments!

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