Thumbnail: how important is it to your video?

Let’s start today’s article with a question: would you click in a video that has nothing to identify the theme or any characteristic of it, or would you prefer one that has an image on the cover representing what you will see?

If the answer is the second option, your choices are directly influenced by the thumbnails. Come with us and check out what it is, its importance for SEO and tips on how to make your own. Learn More!‍

What is a thumbnail?

Thumbnails are those reduced images, which can be found in your cellphone’s photo gallery. They are also those thumbnails that Google Images presents when we search for a certain term.

In the world of videos, that well done cover that you have contact with as soon as you look for a video on YouTube, for example, is also a thumbnail and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.‍

What is the function of a thumbnail?

Thumbnails serve as a preview of content to generate more interest in people. With them, the user will quickly understand what he will be consuming when clicking on that image, video, link, etc.

When it comes to videos, for example, in addition to increase the chances of someone watching, they also keep the feed organized.

Thumbs are also compacted and easy to load in many different pages. That’s why they favor results on search engines. in addition they improve the user experience during their searches.‍

Does the file size influence ranking?

One of the many factors that determine the positioning of your content in search engines is loading speed. This means that the faster, the better positioned.

Thus, due to its reduced size, the thumbnail is a great alternative to improve your SEO and increase your ranking on search mechanisms.

What are the tips to make a video more attractive?

As commented just now, people’s interest can be entirely visual. Just as we identify products on the market by their packaging, videos are also chosen by the first impression, or in this case, by the thumbnails used in them.

It is not necessary to do something totally flashy, basic information and a simple look can be enough, it all depends on the message you want to convey.

The most used elements in the covers are:

Text – in addition to the title, it can use some textual trigger on what the video is about in a nutshell. You can also use the right keywords in order to user to find you.

Color – build on your brand’s visual identity, but you can also escape branding tones for special occasions.

Image – capture a specific moment in the video or, in the case of interviews, for example, use a really nice photo of the guests.

Icons and emojis – add these components if you want to make the look more attractive, without polluting the image.

Oh! It is important that all these items are linked to the content and that you are as objective as possible.‍

Strengthen your brand using thumbnails

Using custom images can be a great way to brand your business. Because, as the videos are posted, people remember that the thumb is from your channel and will be able to identify it at other times.

This factor is proven in a recent study, done by HubSpot, where it was revealed that 80% of users remember a video watched in the last 30 days.

This way, the frequency of hits can be maintained and will promote a significant increase in engagement (comments, likes and shares).

Want to see how thumbnails look in practice? Visit Winnin’s YouTube channel right now and subscribe so you don’t miss any news.

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