How to find out the most watched videos on YouTube

Have you ever asked yourself what are the most watched videos on YouTube? One good way to understand the future trends of content, is to know the past.

If you work for an agency, in marketing team of a brand or create content, you probably need this kind of information, right?

But, where do you find it?

In this article, you will know the most watched videos on YouTube, how to find out this information and, of course, what you should do to get a great performance on your videos.

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What is the most watched video on YouTube in the world?

1. Lo-fi girl

@LofiGirls broadcasts for over 2 years, lo-fi style music lives. This term refers to low-budget artists who end up producing their work in a homemade studio).

The style of music is created for different occasions and moods (study, sleep, relax, etc.). In July 2022, the live streams were taken down, but ended up coming back a short time later.

The relevance of this genre is huge, which made it one of the most watched videos on YouTube in 2022 (review period: October 2022).

2. Power Tools Racing

If you were a kid in the 90s, you might remember the game shows on TV. This Australian channel produces content exactly like this.

Several games involving obstacles and competitions are getting into the head of young people between 25-34 years old, being 27% women and 73% men. This data was taken from Winnin Insights.

The channel has been showing signs of growth: 6% more likes and subscribers between August and September 2022. The third most watched video is also from Power Tools Racing.

What is the most watched video in US?

1. Hulk in real life

Hulk in real life is the typical example of humor content that shows a little bit of people’s reality.
Although he doesn’t talk about anything serious, he shows the importance of engaging the audience using situations they already know.

2. Revenge

Humor is everywhere. The second most watched video on YouTube in the United States is an example of how brands can appropriate the theme to talk about more serious issues.

How to make your videos popular?

I’ll tell you right now: there’s no recipe for making your videos popular. If you create the perfect content, but it isn’t aligned with your audience, nothing will happen.

Or, if you create something thinking about the message that the company wants to convey and forget about the audience, the result will also be the same: none.

However, by analyzing dozens of successful videos, we were able to find elements that repeat themselves.

1. Identification

No matter how bizarre a story is, it will only become popular with the public if there is some identification. Whether it’s the way the content is delivered, the choice of characters, or even the story itself.

Even when the subject is about science fiction, there must be identification with the public. Think about it.

If you still don’t know how to start, ask yourself these following questions:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What does it do?
  • What would make me say, “That’s me in this video?
  • What content would he love to consume?

The answers you have will give you a good direction for your content production.

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2. Production

It is wrong to believe that the most watched videos on YouTube are only those worthy of Hollywood. When analyzing the 52 most engaged videos, here’s the finding:

  • 22 are music clips
  • 9 are advertising created by companies
  • 21 are user-created content, either as an “ad” or just for engagement.

Among these 21 user-produced content, there is no super production full of different shots and cameras.

3. Caption

Putting subtitles on videos is no longer a matter of trending, but of accessibility. If you produce accessible content, people with a hearing disability or in places where noise is not allowed can engage with them.

4. Music

There is no doubt that music literally plays an important role in the production of video content. Video content from major social platforms goes viral especially because of music. The songs, in turn, become known due to content trending.

Get to know some genres of music that have been performing well in the last 12 months:

List of most listened music genres in US.

5. Data

Last but not least, the data. When it comes to video, content production seems to be purely empirical.

Anyone who is creative needs to look at the data, for sure. And not just when the content has already been posted. It is necessary to seek reliable sources to provide useful data for the pre-production period.

This data will help, for example, to understand what the audience wants to watch. It’s one thing to understand what they’re looking for and another is what they actually watch.

In other words, one thing is to know what happens in the trending topics. But knowing what makes the audience clicks and watches makes all the difference in the results.

How to find the most watched videos on YouTube

Now it’s time for the practical part. How to discover YouTube’s most watched videos even before they go viral? The answer: in Winnin Insights.

1. Click on the videos tab on the left side menu;

2. Select the channel you want to analyze;

3. Sort the view of videos by likes, comments, views or post date (in this case, by views). Then, define the period to be analyzed and the duration of the videos;

4. Choose the country of origin of the videos that will be shown;

5. Select the category of videos, if desired.

There, you just found out which are the most watched videos on YouTube.

Having this data, it will help your agency or brand raise the creative level of deliverables. On Winnin Insights, in addition to the most watched videos, you also have:

  • Data of the topics that are trending in the feed;
  • Most relevant content formats;
  • Content creators best suited for each theme;
  • Analysis of your competition;
  • Data from videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch.

How about putting all this into practice?

Imagine being able to create a viral video? As you know, there’s no recipe, but you can’t forget the following:

  • Generate audience identification
  • Don’t think so much about a super production
  • Insert subtitles
  • Connect content with music

And speaking of data, having a tool that gives you insights ready for your ideas is the guarantee of more aligned and engaged content.

The biggest agencies and brands in the market already use Winnin Insights:

Coca-Cola, TikTok, Globo, Africa, FCB, AB InBev, GUT and many others.

Don’t miss out on this list!

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Ideas for relevant content videos you can find on Winnin Insights

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