9 insights for creating Christmas video content

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OK, Santa is a great symbol for Christmas, but, nowadays, is more than necessary to choose content creation that connect people to brands.

All those years, great advertising agencies and brands create awesome ads and campaigns, but they seem not work anymore. Is a cool Santa enough to make your consumers buy a product?

Just for you to have an ideia, 67% of US internet users think that the quality of advertising on the web has either declined or stayed the same in recent years, according to PageFair.

So, how to engage consumers in one of the most evolving dates for e-commerce and retail? The answer is simple as that: create content that your audience wants to watch.

In this article you will understand — through Winnin Insights data — what you should do for video content creation go beyond, how to engage consumers and generate new sales.

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Who is engaging with Christmas video content?

Create a video content is almost impossible if you don’t know your audience. That’s why, I brought some data to help your agency/brand.

The main audience are 18-34 years old, men and women. Remember, this data is referring to platforms Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch.

Audiência de um determinado tipo de vídeo: 60% mulheres e 40% homens, 25-34 anos é a idade majoritária

What are the best platforms for creating video content?

YouTube leads the video content creation in the last 12 months. Facebook follows in second place.

Quantidade de vídeos e creators que falam sobre um determinado assunto. Da maior quantidade de vídeos para a menor estão: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram e Twitch.

What are the most engaged video formats?

When it comes to video format, it’s more about content formatting than the media size. See what the main formats are:

1. Comedy

Comedy videos have a high engagement on social media. This format has become so popular among brands because it makes people identify themselves with what happens in their real lives.

Besides, using this format to be part of your audience conversation will generate a much higher relevance for brands.

2. Challenge

This format went viral and also become relevant. Including, Budweiser, Winnin Insights client is a fascinating success case about using this format.

The challenge for the users was to record a reaction while watching a badass soccer shot. The result was over 200 million views and 139 million earned views on Instagram (when a user watches subsequent videos and ends up watching yours).

3. Vlog

Anyone who believes that the vlog format is used only by bloggers who want to show their day-to-day is wrong. Vlogs are also being used by brands to show details, share certain opinions and offer exclusive content to users.

4. Explanation

Curiosity moves the world. No wonder, this format also fits well with the Christmas theme. The idea of ​​the format is to explain subjects, how things work, etc.

5. How to do

The famous tutorial is the format that generates a lot of engagement because people are on the internet looking for answers, most of the time, to understand how to do some things.

In this format are videos on how to make certain Christmas dishes, how to combine looks or how to prepare a Christmas party at home.

What is most interesting about Christmas?

When it comes to creating content for Christmas, it’s possible to get some ideas from the most engaged video subjects.

In recent months, people are engaging more with videos from:

  1. Secret Santa
  2. Party Makeup
  3. Retrospective
  4. New Year’s Desserts
  5. Christmas Dinner
  6. New Year’s Eve
  7. New Year’s Look
  8. Christmas Decoration
  9. New Year’s Goals

What do the Christmas audience also watch?

Through the “People Also Watch” feature, Winnin Insights shows other types of content that your audience likes to watch.

This functionality basically shows people’s interests. Within each topic, other subtopics will help you understand the audience universe in more detail.

  1. Sketch
  2. Parody
  3. Food and Restaurants
  4. Tutorial
  5. Beauty and Cosmetics
  6. Family
  7. Sweets and desserts
  8. Organization and decoration
  9. Celebrities
  10. Recipes

What are the most relevant brands within this theme?

Some brands like Coca-Cola are practically synonymous with Christmas. However, other brands are also becoming relevant in this theme.

While each of these may differ from the brand you’re currently working with, it’s worth checking out and understanding what video content production looks like and how people are reacting to videos.

  1. Complex
  2. Target
  3. The Roku Channel
  4. Adore me
  5. Hobby Lobby
  6. Dr Nail Nipper

Who are the most relevant content creators?

There are a lots of content creators whose Christmas content are gaining engagement. However, we made a selection to show the performance of 7 of them.

9 insights for creating Christmas video content

1. Get ahead

Is Christmas content only for the Christmas season? Basically, all the energy people have in producing something is in December, but brands can take the opportunity and get ahead.

Monthly video count about Christmas

2. Remember is living

One of the most talked about topics is looking back at what happened during the specific year or weeks. At Christmastime, it is possible to explore compiled contents, best-selling products of the year and remember good times.

3. Prepare yourself

Among the most engaged subtopics, people talk about gifts, preparing the house, dinner and resolutions. With that, opportunities to talk about food, gifts and promises arise.

Most engaged subtopics about Christmas

4. Secret Santa Truths

Have you ever won a sock at Secret Santa? Every year it’s the same story, so why not have some fun with it?

5. Use humor to engage

Humor content is always on the rise regardless of the topic addressed. With Christmas, it is no different. Take the time to tell funny stories, create sketches and show what’s fun about this party.

6. Games and Christmas

Have you ever imagined that the world of games could also be linked to Christmas? Creators of content focused on action and adventure games are also creating content focused on the date, which should also be an opportunity to be explored.

7. So it’s Christmas, and what have you done?

At this time of year, everyone decides to review what they did or didn’t do. And that’s where the goals come in. Producing content while making a public commitment to its goal, in fact it’s a great deal.

8. Christmas Special

Everyone is used to the TV Christmas special, where the programming is totally focused on the theme. On social networks, creators are developing partnerships, recipes, adaptations, makeup, looks and trips within the theme.

#9 Quickly

That YouTube Shorts is on the rise, no one can deny it. When it comes to Christmas, it is possible to engage your followers with small stories, whether in the form of vlogs, challenges, tips, quick tutorials… There are no limits — just the length of the video!

Create Christmas video content with the help of Winnin Insights

So, is your agency/brand ready to start creating content for Christmas? As you can see, in order to make the public connect with the content, it is necessary to have a good base of insights.

Where to find so many up-to-date insights?

The answer is: with Winnin Insights.

Winnin Insights is a software developed to map trends and inspire your creativity when producing videos.

With it you will see:

  • Engagement of any videos from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch platforms;
  • Competitive video data;
  • Videos and creators that are trending;
  • What your audience is interested in;
  • Performance of specific topics and subtopics;
  • Insights to create ideas relevant to your campaigns;
  • Content creators for each platform in Brazil and other countries.

Find out how Winnin Insights can help your agency or content production. Schedule a free demo today.

Ideas for relevant content videos you can find on Winnin Insights
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