5 tips to increase your engagement video rate

Are people interacting with your videos? How many likes do you have? These issues are just a part of what engagement video rate represents in the internet world, being one of the main responsible for keeping certain content creators or specific topics at the top.

As you know, engagement video rate means the percentage of impressions that have resulted in views, likes, shares, etc. So, for example, if your video gets 10,000 views and 3,000 engagements, you have a total of 30% engagement rate.

‍What is engagement?

Who hasn’t committed to a cause, right? Coincidentally, this is the meaning of the word “engagement”, which has become even better known nowadays because of social media and digital marketing.

‍In this field of study, the term can be defined as the act or effect of attracting people to interact with your content, whether by liking, commenting or sharing.

Does video drive engagement?

‍It’s not just static art and photos that content creators who are trending live. Just take a look at the timeline of these creators and there will certainly be different post formats.

Reels on Instagram, videos on TikTok and lives on Twitch are just some of the new ways to communicate with audiences on the internet and this trend is only growing. No wonder: on each of these platforms, there are, on average, 2 billion active users every day.

‍And, well, the videos couldn’t be left behind. A survey conducted by Cysco Systems has shown that videos occupy 85% of the world’s internet usage!

Why use videos for more engagement?

‍We can see that the use of this media is a great way to gain engagement and, consequently, the expected results: sale of products, share of mind and others.

  • ‍When well produced and with relevant themes, high engagement can make your video go beyond your current audience, reaching not only new people but also a new audience for your content;
  • People better assimilate the message: visual elements help the brain to better fix what is being broadcasted;
  • Close relationships: as quoted rather, the audience will more easily memorize the product or brand presented, making it possible to bring the consumer closer to the company and, thus, creating loyalty;
  • Easier to receive and share: many people don’t have time to read a text, that’s why videos are trending and platforms promote more practical sharing.

‍Speaking of relevance…

Producing videos without thinking about what your audience wants to see can cause a decrease of your engagement.

Therefore, it is essential to know the trending topics, what the audience wants to see, what they will identify with, the ideal social network to post and many other aspects that make a difference.

5 tips to increase your engagement video rate

1. Keep the consistency

Produce content and post on your social media frequently. That way, people will know what to expect and when to expect it. Therefore, you teach how the algorithm should work because people are always liking your video contents.

2. Understand what topics your audience likes to watch

Understand what your audience wants to watch, the video formats, the creators, the subjects they like and focus your content on that. Remember that you should find a point between your own positioning and your audience desires.

3. Choose the correct format

There are a lot of different formats to tell the same story. Choose the one that best fits the type of subject you want to talk about. In other words, make your content more consumable.

4. Learn from your competition

Understand what works and what doesn’t for your competition, so you can have a thermometer of what your audience thinks of the content.

5. Focus on quality

When it comes to video engagement on social media, quantity won’t always be the predominant factor, but quality. So, keep in mind that it is better to produce a striking piece than several without any relevance.

Let’s to start

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