7 content creators featured on YouTube Shorts

Do you know why YouTube Shorts became so popular? In addition to being easy to produce (all you need is a smartphone), this video format is a new way for users to find content on YouTube and content creators to reach more people.

It’s no secret that short videos are a trend that has taken over major platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Kwai. Despite the short time of existence and many creators, it is still possible to explore some opportunities.

In this article, you’ll get to know 7 content creators that are standing out on YouTube Shorts and what usually works for each of them when it comes to short videos.

Why keep an eye on YouTube Shorts

With just over 1 year of its launch, YouTube Shorts has established itself as one of the most popular platforms for short videos.

With all this success, you can’t deny the importance of adding this format to your content strategy for YouTube because of the reach that this type of videos can have.

Winnin’s Strategy team made a study on the relevance of YouTube Shorts. For this, it made a comparison of the 5 most relevant video formats in views, based on the audience of all countries.

For you have an idea, YouTube Shorts averages 15 million average views per video. It also leads the way in terms of average engagement: 984,000 shares, likes and comments.

The second most popular video format, Parodies are as powerful as Shorts: 2.68 million views and 84.3k shares, likes and comments.

Gráfico que mostra a relevância dos formatos de vídeo shorts, paródia, tutorial, challenge e highlights. O formato de shorts é o vencedor.

It is relevant not only for the number of views, but also the only one on the rise when it comes to the number of videos posted. The range of topics covered in the content has also increased considerably as new creators have started to produce videos in native format.

Now meet the 7 content creators who have arrised in recent months using this format.

7 Content Creators Featured in YouTube Shorts

In our study, we find out 7 content creators featured on YouTube Shorts based on the most likes. In addition to the quantitative analysis, we did a qualitative analysis to understand more of the universe and how to explore it.

1. Adam W

Adam W is a featured youtuber in Shorts. He always creates sketches about some real life situations. He has so much engagement because people relate to his stories.

2. Marrkadams

Adams uploaded his first video on March 12, 2021. He usually includes his son in most of his videos, such as the first video. In his videos, he creates some dialogues that show episodes from real live.

3. NichLmao

NichLmao is an American youtuber with a channel with over 17 million followers. Among his favorite video formats are pranks, challenges and vlogs.

4. SportsNation

SportsNation was an ESPN TV show. It is totally created to talk about sports. Today, the program no longer airs on TV, however, it is on the rise on YouTube. In it, the practice of sports, whether extreme or fun, is what speaks loudest.

5. LankyBox

LankyBox is a YouTube channel dedicated to the world of games, more specifically Roblox. In it, the presenters talk about curiosities of this universe, show their games and make staging of some cartoons.


Zhong is the owner of a children’s channel that talks about a variety of topics, usually within the challenge and vlog formats. He manages to get closer to the audience because he talks about topics that are relevant to them.

7. Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson was once the youtuber with the most followers in 2011. Today, that number stands at 13 million followers.

Among the contents created are sketches of humor and reaction to funny events that he finds in internet videos.

The common factors among shorts creators

By analyzing 7 of the biggest YouTube Shorts creators, it’s impossible not to see how the humor has strengthened on the platform. 

However, this humor has taken on a new appearence: instead of often offensive jokes, creators have started to make the category much lighter and connected with what is relevant to the people who watch.

And within this universe, real stories took center stage and, because people see themselves in these narratives, there is identification. Who has never lived at least one of the stories told in the narratives?

Another interesting fact is the issue of production. The videos have effects and careful editing work. Even so, they are very natural and engaging. They seem to be closer to the audiences.

Regardless of using humor or talking about other topics on YouTube Shorts, the secret is to find the subjects that connect your audience with your content. For this, it is important to analyze the data that your videos are generating. 

So, who will be the next featured creator on YouTube Shorts?

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