How to find out what your audience is watching on the internet

The vast majority of brands that value content marketing within their communication strategy have the same objective: to create value for a particular audience and, as a consequence, generate more revenue for their company.

Understanding your audience’s needs is crucial to ensuring you’re getting your message across objectively and reaching your audience in the right way. And when it comes to consumption of video online, knowing your audience in-depth is even more necessary. 

Marketing teams around the world have a common pain: understanding, in a broad and deep way, what the brand or customer audience likes and wants to watch. 

There is a real difficulty in finding platforms and tools that bring this solution in a simple way for the teams involved. That’s why I’m going to show you in this article that discovering your audience’s interests and tastes can be a simple task with Winnin Insights.

Through a simple step-by-step, you will understand how to use the main audience tools of the platform: 

  • What it is and how to use the Audience Filter;
  • What they are and how to extract insights from the Topics;
  • How to deepen the audience analysis to from Subtopics;
  • How to access the main Tags of the subjects;
  • What it is and how to discover other subjects that your audience is also interested in with People Also Watch.

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Why is it important to do an audience analysis?

One of the biggest pains within marketing departments around the world is understanding, more and more accurately, their audience. 

To begin the discovery process, it is essential to have a well-defined persona, to know what subjects they are most interested in watching through online videos, which are the main platforms and social networks they use. All this directly influences the results of your marketing strategy. 

In this quest for a complete understanding of the audience, the use of the right tools is essential. A good tool is one that provides the largest amount of data in a friendly way so that different users can use it. 

In addition, it is also the one that helps the crossing of data from different platforms, reducing the time spent in the creative process. And that’s where Winnin Insights comes into play.

Since it provides much information in one place, which optimizes and gives more agility to the creative process as a whole.

How does Winnin Insights help creative teams get to know their audience better?

Winnin Insights is a platform that, through Artificial Intelligence, consolidates data of the world’s largest video platforms and enables creatives and marketers to analyze, understand and strategize data-driven video content.

From now on, I’m going to show you how it’s possible, quick and simple, to discover your audience’s true interests from the data and features of Winnin Insights!

1. Filtering the audience

To create a strategy that captures people’s attention and engagement, it is necessary, first of all, to be very clear about the audience you want to reach. Personifying your audience is crucial to getting good results at the end of the process.

Winnin Insights has over 8 million content creators from different countries and over 1 billion videos published on the world’s largest video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitch.

Let’s take a practical example: suppose your target audience is Brazilian women between 18 and 24 years old and you want to know what they like to watch on the internet.

In just some few clicks on Winnin Insights it is possible to understand which are the most relevant topics for this audience in the last 12 months. Simple as that.

And to make this search more accurate, there is also the possibility of filtering an audience by gender, age, country and language (English, Portuguese and Spanish, for now).

With just this initial segmentation, Winnin Insights users can quickly filter the audience of their brands, in addition to collecting a targeted sample of what they are consuming in the online video universe.

But this is still just the beginning of the journey towards a deeper understanding of the audience. Read on to understand how Winnin Insights Topics work!

2. Finding Relevant Topics

After the audience analysis comes the second moment. Now, you need to understand what are the most important issues for your audience. With this information in hand, it is possible to filter the main issues that connect and, especially, those that do not connect with your brand strategy.

Through a proprietary classification of top subjects, Winnin Insights organizes all content collected daily into Categories, Topics and Subtopics.

This feature of the platform makes it possible to follow the evolution of relevant topics, discover new topics that your audience is interested in, get to know and be inspired by outstanding creators, in addition to comparing the performance of the videos of your main competitors.

Within the Topics tab, users can find out what the audience is consuming on a given topic and gain access to metrics that I’ll talk about later.

Continuing with our example,  we found that Pregnancy is the topic of greatest interest to the defined audience – Brazilian women aged 18-24 who have been consuming videos in Portuguese in the last 12 months.

Going into the topic, Winnin Insights shows an overview with the main Pregnancy metrics, such as:

  • Relevance Index– Winnin Insights’ proprietary metric that indicates the relevance of a topic in terms of views over a given period of time.
  • Engagement x Video Ratio;
  • The main distribution platform for the topic;
  • Division of audience by age group and gender;
  • The best days and times to post.


But it’s not over yet! Winnin Insights allows users to go even further and delve into data on diverse subjects.

To learn how to venture into the platform’s Subtopics, read on!

3. Deepening your search with Subtopics

The more specific your search for understanding who your audience is, the better your results will be. Also, greater the chances that your content will capture your audience’s attention. 

Often, within a macro subject, there is an infinity of possible sub-topics to be approached much more easily. 

And that’s exactly what the Winnin Insights Subtopics show you: your audience’s main niche interests. But how do Subtopics help in the creative process? 

In an objective way, they help you to better understand the language and the more granular subjects of a predetermined universe. And why is this interesting for your brand?

Simple! Creating videos on more granular topics is essential to having a more connected and realistic strategy with what is relevant to people, and therefore with a much greater potential for engagement. 

Going back to our example, in the topic “Pregnancy” there are other subtopics related to the theme, that is, other subjects that the videos about Pregnancy also cover.

With this information, it is possible to understand, for example, that videos that talk about Pregnancy Tests are in a growing relationship with video engagement (more than 20k) and, therefore, this is a relevant subject for the defined audience at the beginning of the article.

And the best way to understand even more about how these videos are being created is to actually watch them! Read on to find out how the Winnin Insights Videos Tab helps you in this process.

4. Intensifying qualitative research with the videos tab

Whether for personal entertainment, curiosity about a product or even hacks to help in the kitchen, one thing is for sure: people’s attention is currently focused on videos. 

And there is no better place than the Videos Tab of Winnin Insights to accurately understand what your audience is consuming. As you can see, within the 5 main subtopics of Pregnancy, the theme “Pregnancy Testing” is classified as trending

But, you might be wondering: what kind of content has been made and consumed about Pregnancy Testing?

This is the time to intensify qualitative research, watching the subtopic videos in real time and being able to customize the search using filters by:

  • Platform;
  • Country;
  • Video lengh;
  • Filtered by (likes, views, comments or date);
  • Upload date.

As this is the time for qualitative research, the more videos you watch, the better. Here is an example of the most watched and engaged video of all time from the “Pregnancy Test” Subtopic:

After watching the videos, we came to the understanding that the vast majority of them are vlogs in which couples report the period of disclosure of the pregnancy test result.

Whether it’s positive, negative, unintentionally or planned, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to generate content that the public likes to watch!

5. Understanding Relevant Tags

Through Winnin Insights, it is possible to discover which are the most relevant tags of each Topic and/or Subtopic. All tags are 100% organic and work just like content creators rate their videos on the internet. 

Therefore, it is a part of the platform that we must pay attention to, as we are able to understand with greater granularity what is happening in real time in each of the subjects. 

Let’s get to our dynamics: within the Pregnancy Test subtopic, we identified that one of the most engaged tags is: Prank

This is valuable data, as in addition to being a tag, “Prank” is also classified as a content format. 

Watching a series of videos that contain the tag “Prank” we could discover that much of this content is related to pranks and pranks about being pregnant or not.

Watch one of the videos to understand better:

6. Discovering what the audience likes with People Also Watch 

It is highly unlikely that an audience will spend all of their useful time on the internet watching just one type of topic. So, how do you find out what other topics catch her attention? 

One of the most interesting features of Winnin Insights is thePeople Also Watch. This is a feature that helps Winnin Insights users understand what other subjects your audience is also spending time on in parallel. 

This data is calculated and displayed using a proprietary metric: the Relationship, which measures the degree of proximity that a topic has in relation to another.

With this feature, you and your entire team are ready to discover new topics and, thus, be able to further expand your video content strategy based on topics that make sense and engage your audience.

Find out what your audience is watching

Throughout this article you’ve learned that one of the most important features of Winnin Insights is that there are several ways in audience analysis. And that you can follow them to discover what is relevant and important to your brand and, above all, to your audience.

All the points presented are very important for anyone who wants — and needs — to find out what the audience is watching when it comes to online videos. 

When accessing the platform, it is important to already have some basic information to discover more information about a certain audience: gender, age, country and language. With these guidelines mapped, Winnin Insights will show you in a few clicks what your audience is watching.

Then, just follow the steps shown here. But remember that there’s not just one way to find this in Winnin Insights: the possibilities are endless.

You can be sure that by following these tips, you will make your team’s creative process much more agile, reducing research time and finding insights that are truly based on your audience data.

So, do you want to get to know Winnin Insights up close?

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